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Skill Training

Skills Training is a way to develop psychosocial competence to help you handle challenges of life successfully. Focused on resource building, a trainer helps you hone and develop abilities in critical aspects such as communication, self regulation, maintaining social connections and coping with challenges.

When supported by a professional, working on these skills will help you personally, socially and professionally and create positive wellbeing. Some critical skills that have been found necessary for adapting positively are:

  • Self-awareness : is the primary skill which forms the basis of many others such as communication, interpersonal relations or empathy. To have self awareness means to fully recognize our self, character, strengths and weaknesses. You may feel that you are sufficiently self aware, however what you don’t know may surprise you!
  • Empathy – as humans numerous relationships are a part of our social life, and it is necessary to understand and care about other people’s needs, desires and feelings in order to relate well to others as well as communicate effectively. Understanding ourselves as well as others will be better equipped to understand what others want, present our thoughts in a way that others understand and tackle delicate issues without offending other people. We will also be able to better elicit from others what we require.
  • Critical thinking is an ability to analyze information and experiences in an objective manner. This will help us evaluate information and recognize what is valid and needs to be taken into consideration and what needs to be discarded. This is essential to navigate the numerous choices we may have to make in life
  • Creative thinking refers to a novel way of seeing or doing things, and is not only the purview of artists and creators, but required in everyday life to solve problems, find meaning and lead fulfilled lives. It not only includes of thinking up something new, but also generating new ideas, thinking flexibly and elaborating already existing ideas.
  • Decision making is about dealing constructively with decisions about our lives. It is an essential life skill and involves weighing different options as well as figuring out their consequences. We will be faced with a multitude of decisions big and small in life, so having some foundational skills that can help tide over these decisions are often predictive of success and wellbeing.
  • Problem solving : unresolved problems can lead to mental stress and can spill over to other aspects of your life. However skills can be developed to deal constructively with problems through following systematic steps without impairing your life’s functioning
  • Interpersonal relationships: interactions with other are a core part of our life and can either be a source of comfort or support or of friction. Skills in interpersonal relationship will help form the core of our interactions with skills help to relate in positive ways with the people we come in contact with. This includes forming healthy and friendly relationships, keeping good relations with family members, managing intimate relationships which are an important part of our mental and social wellbeing. It may also mean being able to set boundaries to relationships as well as ending relationships constructively.
  • Effective communication refers to the ability to express oneself in an effective and appropriate manner. This includes your opinions and desires as well as needs and fears. It can also include asking for advice and help in times of need. This is an essential part of academic, social and professional life
  • Handling emotions: emotions are often seen as problematic and something to be controlled or managed, but in fact they are a vital and important part of us. They provide meaning, beauty and signify many life experiences. Skills relating to emotions refer to recognizing emotions, experiencing them adaptively and channelling them to reach your goals.
  • Different people have each of these skills in different levels. Some people naturally have certain skills over others. However, they are easily trainable and anyone can work on these skills with professional help in order to build your personal resources for better success. At Mind Weavers, we have experienced and masterful trainers to help you work on and develop your skills. Our trainers work in groups or individually to identify what tools you already possess, recognize problem areas and help you reach your targets more efficiently
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