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Research Guidance

Thesis Guidance:
Research is the cornerstone of any field and shapes you as a practitioner. Its contribution to the field is vital and adds value to knowledge. Conducting research is both an exciting as well as daunting and can seem confusing when you’re in the middle of it. Work on your own research dissertation while availing the expert guidance of Mind Weavers. We provide directions for every step of research including conceptualizing questions, writing proposals, conducting research reviews, structuring research design, collecting and analysing data, and making interpretations. We also offer content editing, referencing, proof reading and format setting.

Tool Construction

Developing psychological measurement tools is an important aspect of research. It not only drives research but provides valuable support in clinical practice as well. However, it is a formidable task requiring planning and work. Mind Weavers guides you through the process of creating innovative tools that meet the highest and international standards of quality while remaining culturally appropriate. We offer services including access to subject experts, review and modification of current body of work, handling ethical considerations and advanced data analysis along with any other service you need to prepare your new tool.

Reference Library

You knowledge is only as good as your sources. These sources may however be hard to come by, as well as expensive to procure. Avail the extensive resources at Mind Weavers that include any information related to psychology or mental health. Obtain reference books on clinical psychology, therapy and practice, counseling, organizational psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and much more from reputed authors and publishers. We also procure for you online resources or tools which may be difficult to get your hands on.

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