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About Us


Group of mental health professionals tailoring psychological well-being.

Mind weavers is an innovative mental health service hub providing quality mental health care in a supportive and compassionate environment.

We are licensed clinical psychologists aiming  to create lasting and meaningful  change in the lives of people we engage with. We seek not just to improve how our clients but also focus on changing how they live. Drawing from our knowledge of evidence-based mental health care practices, we seamlessly tailor them to meet our client’s unique needs.

We use an array of therapeutic approaches like mindfulness-based psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and behaviour modification customized for clients from a different culture and grounded in science.



Our Service

Mind Weavers addresses children, individuals, couple and families having various mental health issues like Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobia, Adjustment Issues, Learning Difficulty, Marital Issues, Sexual Problems, etc. through:

Counselling and Therapy

What is counselling and therapy?
Counselling and psychotherapy are related terms that refer to a process in which trained experts help an individual or individuals work through problems they may be having in their personal, social or professional lives. The focus is on improving the life of a person who finds themselves unable to cope with their circumstances or emotions. While counselling is usually connected to a crisis and it’s management, therapy can be a deeper more intensive process that aims to find out and work on the root of the problem. This also means that counselling happens in the context of a problem, while therapy focused on creating a better understanding of yourself and work towards a fulfilled and productive life, even in the absence of a crisis.

How do I know I need counselling or therapy?
If you feel like you are having difficulties in any area of your life and are unable to cope with it on your own, or are confused, you could benefit from psychological support. These difficulties can include emotional problems (feeling scared , sad or anxious), disturbing thoughts (constant worry, sense of hopelessness, intrusive thoughts) or behavioural (anger outbursts, addiction, self harm). If you feel any of these problems are adversely affecting your life and your interactions with people, and are persisting over time, it may be best to seek help.

What can I expect from counselling or therapy?
A consultation with a therapist or counsellor will involve creating an understanding what exactly you are going through which is formed by the therapist asking you questions regarding yourself or your situation. The therapists may also perform assessments in order to get an objective understanding. This is followed by setting mutually agreed goals for the process which will help you feel and live better. A therapist will not provide you with the solutions to your problem, but will help you overcome them.


Psychological services and assessments often go hand in hand. An assessment is a standardized procedure to understand your emotional, behavioural, personal, intellectual or learning functioning. An assessment may be performed on the recommendation of your therapist or psychiatrist to get an objective understanding of you or your situation. They can also be conducted for you to know more about yourself. Children or adolescent may need to be assessed to identify strengths, weakness and potentialities to help them perform better academically or socially. If your child has been referred by a teacher or physician to conduct an assessment, our licensed therapists are certified to provide reports on such assessments.


Remedial Training

What is remedial training?

Remedial training refers to a specific type of teaching intended to improve students skill in order to achieve expected performance in class. They are usually prescribed for students with learning or attention difficulties. This is a supportive way to overcome limitations of the child through tailoring instruction to the child’s capacities

My child needs remedial training, does that mean there is something wrong with my child?

No, it does not. We are all diverse in our skills, capacities and thoughts. This simply means that your child has a different way of thinking and needs to be given instructions in a different method from that of their peers.


Scientific Event Managment

  • The secret to a successful event is simple- planning. Not so simple is the actual details involved and the colossal time, energy and manpower it requires to bring those plans to fruition. The team at Mind Weavers have successfully pulled of this mammoth task numerous times, conducting scientific events of international standards.
  • Avail our expert services to bring to life the vision for your event. We will take over the major tasks including scheduling, publicity, handling enquiries, communicating with delegates and attendees, printing posters, brochures, certificates or other resource materials, mementoes and other preparation required before the event as well as ensure smooth proceeding of the event itself.

Clinical Internship

Get some hands-on training under close supervision to best be able to translate your acquired knowledge into practical wisdom. You will have the chance to involve in all elements of dealing with clients including case intake, conducting reviews, case presentations, planning therapy, carrying out therapy in line with your requirements and previous knowledge.


Training And Supervision

We are committed to developing resources in society and one part of this is to ensure that those who are new to this filed to receive the proper guidance. If you are a new to mental health, a fresh graduate looking to develop skills and experience, someone looking for a fresh start in life while being able to give back to society wondering if you are suited to the role, or even those coming back to this field after a break and want to renew confidence, this is the right place for you.

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